Mission and Vision Statement

Our Mission is Our Commitment! Our Vision is Their Character! Our Hope is God’s Promise!

Our mission is to teach our students how to learn, to take intellectual risks, to understand the value of mistakes, and to become students of perseverance. We are committed to developing a strong bond of trust and respect between the teachers and the students that supports the student’s growth intellectually, morally, spiritually, and academically.

Our vision is to develop each student’s character through hard work, social interaction, mentoring, and the teaching of Biblical principles.

Our hope is that each child will grow and mature into the unique person he or she was created to be. We prepare and inspire each student to positively impact our community and leave our school knowing that he or she is ready for what lies ahead.

We embrace the philosophy of learning to learn, thereby equipping each student to take intellectual risks, to understand the value of mistakes, and to become students with perseverance inevitably leading to success in the classroom and in life.   

Developing each student’s character through hard work, mentoring social interaction , and the teaching of Biblical principles are committments our dedicated, knowledgable staff undertake so that each student matures into the unique person he or she was created to be, capable of positively impacting his or her community for the future and for Christ.

The Academic Link’s vision is driven by our students. We believe each student learns best in small structured, collaborative classes with intuitive and knowledgeable teachers skilled in mediated learning.  We envision a classroom where learning is cultivated by problem solving, engagement with teachers is rewarding and collaborative, and each student achieves success.

Teaching Staff

Mrs. Cindy Knoess

Founder and Executive Director Cindy Knoess has 25 years experience as an educator.  Her experience comes from various teaching and committee positions within Christian private schools. Mrs. Knoess also has six  years as an NILD (National Institute for Learning...

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Mrs. Herath

Director & High School Coordinator Sonita Herath (Soni) was born in Washington, DC and grew up in Southern Maryland. She graduated from Towson State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing. Upon graduating, she worked in marketing and sales...

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Mrs. Forgan

ESE Teacher and Reading Specialist   Peggy Forgan holds a Masters Degree in Exceptional Student Education from Florida State University. Mrs. Forgan is certified in K-12 ESE and Age 3-3rd grade General Education. She has spent the last 22 years in the field of...

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Mrs Kaprive

Math Team Leader Mrs. Kaprive is the leader of our Math Team. She is a highly experienced educator with over thirty years of teaching and nurturing students. Mrs. Kaprive is credited with changing our students’ view of math from a subject they do not like or feel...

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Mrs. Wiggs

Middle School and High School Language Arts Teacher Mrs. Brenda Wiggs was born and raised in West Palm Beach Florida. She attended Texas Christian University, but received her bachelor of science from Palm Beach Atlantic University. She has been pursuing a graduate...

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