Homeschool & Partnership

Homeschool students have a special place with The Academic Link! We started as a homeschool in 2009! We continue to provide many opportunities for homeschool students to meet their academic goals.

Many options are available including: full-time; part-time; course specific classes; FLVS courses; private tutoring; and flexible scheduling. Private and group ITBS testing available. Portfolio documentation and annual evaluations are provided for enrolled students.

We strive to work with not only our full time students but also homeschool and partnership school students. TAL has a strong homeschool foundation and partners with local private schools in our area including The Kings Academy and Berean Christian School. Learn more about our home school program below, and our partner program here.


The Academic Link serves home school students by providing a structured yet flexible and nurturing learning environment where the uniqueness and individuality of each student is recognized and responded to.  Our students are taught in appropriately sized groups of 5 to 7 students thus enabling a focused attention to academic achievement, social interaction, and self-esteem.  We have exceptional teachers for each subject area who take a personal interest in each student.

Our home school program is well suited to accommodating the gifted student, the accelerated student, the student with learning disabilities, the ADHD student, and the student who may be a combination of the above.  Highly qualified experienced teachers ensure that each student’s academic abilities as well as his or her progress are in line with his or her potential. Educational therapy, with therapists trained by the National Institute for Learning Development, NILD, is available for students with mild to moderate learning disabilities.  It is vital that students progress at a rate commiserate with his or her abilities.  Doing so results in a more appropriately challenged students who is engaged and successful.

The Academic Link is unique in that all of our students can accelerate in their areas of strength while committing extra attention and time to areas that need remediation.  Students are not limited by a grade level!  Our program is designed to provide the opportunity for students to advance in any subject area.  Likewise, students who need remediation in one of more subjects receive what they need in those areas while moving them forward in other subject areas as they are able.

The Academic Link program is designed to acknowledge and support each student’s individual academic strengths and weaknesses.  Each student’s learning style is an integral aspect of each teacher’s planning and design for each course. For most of our students, it will be the first time they feel understood at school, not to mention  successful!  And most importantly, The Academic Link program matches each student to the appropriate curriculum.  Parents have the option of choosing their child’s curriculum or allowing our program to choose the best curriculum fit for their child.

Our program can accommodate the varying attendance and course needs of its students.  Students who are committed to sports or arts programs that require intensive practices or rehearsals need flexibility for training and travel to events. Because these students may travel extensively and need flexible homework loads, our program is customized for them.

The Academic Link accommodates the students who may not need to take a full load of courses with us.  Our program offers the option for our students to take only specific courses or attend only on specific days.  Typically, these students desire half day programs or full day programs on specific days such as two to three days per week.


Partner Program

More information coming soon but until then please feel free to contact us or any of our partnership schools, The Kings Academy and Berean Christian, for details.

See tuition cost for partner program.