The Academic Link Homeschool Center is ‘the answer to many parents’ prayers’ because it’s a center that customizes the academic curriculum to the child instead of making the child fit into one standard curriculum.  This type of support is very unique because it takes a lot of time and understanding of the child’s needs.  Mrs. Cindy Knoess, the Academic Link Homeschool Center’s founder, is a certified teacher and NILD therapist.  She takes the time to genuinely understand each child’s needs as she guides parents in selecting the appropriate school curriculum.  In addition, Mrs. Knoess offers the NILD therapy for children with learning disabilities.  This is a supplemental therapy that helps children with dysgraphia, dyslexia, and information processing problems.  Not every child is the right fit for The Academic Link because they are not equipped to teach children with severe behavioral difficulties.  The children at The Academic Link are well behaved, outgoing, and sociable young kids that thrive in a smaller educational environment.

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Jim Forgan, Ph. D. Licensed School Psycholigist

Thanks you Mrs. Knoess. Your school is truly magical. That is the word I have been using to describe how Hunter is feeling. Yesterday he said the following, “Mom, the teachers are so good. I didn’t understand what a predicate and a subject were in they literally taught me in 5 mins and I was able to do my work.” How awesome is that!!!! Kimberly Presson

Middle School Parent

TAL gives kids confidence & courage not only academically but for life itself. Just 10 minutes with Mrs. Kaprive & you are ready to conquer the world. Imagine what can happen by spending the day with the whole teaching team. I cannot think of a better gift for our children than the knowledge that they can succeed.

Therese Snyder


TAL is a true blessing to our family and most importantly our daughter. She is loved, nurtured, and encouraged every day. We are thankful she has found her place. The time and dedication Mrs. Knoess and her staff give each child to excel within his or her own learning style is unparalleled!

Melody Meza