Founder and Executive Director

Cindy Knoess has 25 years experience as an educator.  Her experience comes from various teaching and committee positions within Christian private schools.

Mrs. Knoess also has six  years as an NILD (National Institute for Learning Development) Educational Therapist.  She is a graduate of Louisiana Baptist University and Seminary with a degree in Education. She also has completed graduate work in Elementary Education at Liberty University.

Mrs. Knoess founded The Academic Link in 2009.  Her vision was to create a learning environment that suited all learning styles, allowed for strong collaborative learning, provided highly individualized instruction, and utilized innovative and effective technology.  The use of technology was crucial to her vision of a student’s learning process.  Additionally, her desire was to provide students with a rich diverse field trip experience and meaningful community service on a monthly basis.

Her high standards, effective communication skills, and never ending research have been the foundation of each student’s success.  Mrs. Knoess understands completely that surrounding oneself with a strong team of experts is the best way to serve students as it ensures greater achievement and progress.

Mrs. Knoess has been married to Allan for 27 years and has two grown sons.  Her oldest, Brandon, graduated from Liberty University and is a well loved Activities Director for an independent and assisted living facility.  He is newly wed and resides in Lynchburg, Virginia.   Her youngest, Joshua, is a recent graduate of Florida State University with a degree in Marketing.

She loves dogs and has two, a German Shepherd named Dixie Rose and an adopted mixed breed named Annie. Her dream is to be a dog trainer when she decides to retire and start her second career.

Her greatest joy is that each day she gets to do what she loves most; teach, mentor, and impact children’s lives for the future.



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